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Using Sound in Tinnitus Management

August 1, 2016

Tinnitus is a common problem. In fact, more than 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, the experience of sound, noise or ringing in the ears in the presence of sound in the environment. These sounds can vary from loud to soft, high pitch to low pitch and from constant to periodic. Tinnitus is very common in those who have hearing loss.

For most people, tinnitus is not a significant problem, but more of an irritation. For others, the tinnitus they experience can become a substantial disruption in their lives, affecting sleep and causing anxiety, stress and even depression. With a combination of counseling and sound therapy, the effects of tinnitus can be minimized.

The use of sound to minimize the effects of tinnitus is meant to help the brain habituate or become accustomed to the tinnitus. The type of sounds used can be amplified sound from hearing aids, environmental sounds, noise or music. A new type of sound used to help the brain habituate is called Zen fractal music and comes from a hearing aid manufacturer called Widex. Based on what is known as “fractal technology,” Zen music is a series of chime-like tones that play randomly but with a rhythm that is meant to mimic the resting heart rate. Each Zen program can be adjusted for tempo, pitch and volume.

The goal of Zen technology is to aid in relaxation in order to decrease the wearer’s aggravation and stress from continuous tinnitus and thus improve overall quality of life. The Zen music can be played by itself with no amplification of outside sounds or in addition to conventional amplification. A program that incorporates a low-level white noise along with the Zen music can also be programmed into the hearing aid. Each program is accessed through a push button on the hearing aid or by remote control. A survey performed by researchers at Widex revealed that the use of Zen fractal music as a way to decrease the severity of tinnitus is very successful. In fact, 85.7% of patients surveyed reported a reduction in tinnitus severity1.

The Zen fractal technology is found in all of the Widex Mind family of hearing aids. If tinnitus is a constant barrage of sound that causes stress or aggravation in your daily life, ask your adiologist today if Zen is right for you.

1 The Efficacy of Fractal Music Employed in Hearing Aids for Tinnitus Management, Francis Kuk, PhD; Heidi Peeters, MA; and Chi Lau, PhD; Hearing Journal Sept 2010

Hear Clearly with Widex Clear

November 30, 2015

Widex is one of the most well-known hearing aid manufacturers in the US. In fact, they were the first company to offer digital hearing aids. Since then, there has been very little to set them apart from other manufacturers. Until now. Widex is one of only several manufacturers to offer wireless hearing aid technology. After a long wait, the Clear is now available to consumers and promises to be an industry leader.

The Clear features wireless communication between a pair of hearing aids being worn simultaneously, providing a richer, more realistic sound quality for its wearers. Most hearing aids take information in through the on-board microphone and then the sound is changed in the processor and returned to the ear canal. Each hearing aid acts alone. The changes one hearing aid makes to the sound may differ from the changes made by the hearing aid on the other ear, effectively giving the brain two different representations of the sounds in the environment. With the technology in the Widex Clear, the information coming in to the individual hearing aids is compared one to the other. Then the patented sound processing, noise reduction and feedback management systems work in tandem to improve the clarity of speech, resulting in an overall improvement in sound quality and a more realistic listening experience.

Along with communication between hearing aids, the new technology from Widex offers ear-level Bluetooth compatibility through its on-board wireless technology. With accessories that allow for direct communication with TV, audio equipment and cell phones, those wearing the Clear will experience high fidelity, echo-free stereo sound that is amplified specifically to meet the individual hearing needs of the wearer. Whether listening to conversation in a quiet environment or in a background of noise, on the TV or via cellphone, with new technology from Widex, everything becomes more Clear.