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Hearing & Balance Lab – Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Around 10% of Americans have significant hearing loss, and would benefit from audiology therapy and hearing aids.

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Hearing & Balance Lab – How our Doctors Test Your Hearing

How Our Doctors Test Your Hearing

Our experts use high-tech testing instruments, combined with a thorough dialogue with the patient, to determine the type of hearing loss and prescribe the most effective solution to dramatically improve your hearing.

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Hearing & Balance Lab - Childhood Hearing Tests

Childhood Hearing Tests

The doctors at The Hearing & Balance Lab use state of the art equipment to diagnose early childhood hearing issues and determine if a child’s hearing loss is a temporary or long term problem.

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TheHearing&Balance Lab - Doctors & Support Staff

Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is something your body can’t recover. That’s why it so important to wear proper hearing protection when you are exposed to excessive noise.

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Dr Mike Mallahan Balance Disorders

Balance Disorders

The doctors at the Hearing & Balance Lab are experts in diagnosing and recommending appropriate treatment for a wide range of balance disorders.  Our expertise, combined with world-class diagnostic technology, ensures that balance problems are addressed quickly and effectively.

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