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The Benefits of Hearing Aids

April 18, 2016

When you’ve discovered that you have permanent hearing loss and the only solution is amplification, the next step is finding the best solution that will provide you with the greatest benefit. But getting the best benefit from hearing aids isn’t just about the sound quality or the “bells and whistles” the technology provides. The greatest benefit truly is in the changes you’ll see in what really matters: connecting to life and connecting to people.

Enhance Your Quality of Life
Untreated hearing loss can cause you to pull away from the things you love the most. You may not want to be involved in group situations anymore because it’s too difficult to hear and understand. Or, you might not do some of the things you love to do because you know you’ll have trouble hearing. Removing yourself from the daily activities you enjoy can cause depression, anxiety, isolation, and a host of other unpleasant emotions. The truth of the matter is, hearing aids improve the lives of those with hearing loss. Once you’ve decided to move forward with trying hearing aids, you can look forward to increased confidence, a greater sense of independence and easier communication.

Improved Hearing
Although hearing aids do not “fix” hearing loss, they can significantly improve your ability to hear and understand voices and other sounds in both quiet and noisy situations. This is helpful in personal, professional and social settings where the ability to hear clearly is important. How well you hear in different situations will depend on the type and severity of your hearing loss. We know that you hear with your ears, but you understand with your brain. Working with an experienced audiologist will make sure that you find the right choice for the type of hearing loss you have.

Greater Independence
I can’t tell you how many times a patient has said, “if my wife isn’t with me to interpret, I miss the punch line every time!” There’s nothing worse than sitting with friends, enjoying a great glass of wine and you have to “fake” a hardy laugh at a joke you didn’t hear. While everyone laughs and enjoys themselves around you, you have to smile and nod, like you haven’t missed a thing. How frustrating! But, hearing aids will lessen your dependence on others. They will also give you a better sense of control over the events in your life.

Better Relationships
Hearing loss can be a barrier to communicating effectively. Hearing aids can improve the relationships you share with family and friends. Your spouse can attest to the frustration it causes when you don’t hear clearly. You can decrease the effect your hearing loss has on others simply by wearing hearing aids.

Increased Self-Confidence
You’ll feel more confident in professional and social situations when you can detect sounds at normal volume levels. When you don’t have to strain to hear and when you know you are hearing what others do, you can relax and enjoy yourself. Hearing aids can decrease the amount of energy it takes to listen and understand effectively.
Let’s face it: no one wants to wear hearing aids. But when you have taken the time to find the best solution for your hearing loss, social situations and listening environments, you’ll find that not only does the investment improve your hearing, it improves your quality of life. And that’s the best benefit of all.