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The New Guy Has Been Around For a Long Time – Panasonic

May 2, 2016

April of last year introduced a newcomer to the US hearing aid marketplace. You may have heard of the company before, since they have actually been around for a long time, and are well known in the acoustics and consumer electronics industries. You may even have a TV with the same name. Who is this “new guy on the block”? It’s Panasonic. That’s right. Panasonic is not just a TV, stereo and phone manufacturer anymore. The truth is, although Panasonic is just now entering the US market, their first hearing aids entered the Japanese marketplace in 1959. What that means for consumers is a new choice in hearing aid instrumentation with a company that has an already established and long-standing track record. Bottom line: Panasonic hearing aids are a high quality instrument from a trusted manufacturer, designed to deliver the convenience, performance and styles consumers have come to expect from a leading manufacturer.

The instrumentation offers some of the same “high end” technology benefits that the well-known manufacturers offer, such as adaptive directional microphones, wind noise suppression and feedback control. The casing designs are user-friendly and discreet—exactly what consumers are looking for. The JZ series is an interesting concept designed to offer best sound quality and advanced features in a body-worn case that can be manipulated by loved ones or caregivers. This means that if dexterity or vision is an issue or if a loved one is in need of continuous care, a family member or caregiver can instantly know what is happening in the hearing aid. Although there are only three models offered at the moment, Panasonic’s brand recognition and trusted electronic product lines assure that consumers can count on this manufacturer being a forerunner in the hearing aid industry in the years to come.