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New Invisible Hearing Aid For the Modest Budget

January 18, 2016

Starkey Laboratories is an industry leader, known for new and innovative hearing aid technology. EARStarkey was the first hearing aid manufacturer to make a custom canal hearing aid available to hearing aid wearers. It isn’t surprising, then, that Starkey’s new Amp Personal Audio Amplifier is making headlines. The Amp is a tiny new invisible hearing aid that was specifically designed “for people who aren’t ready for a hearing aid.” Whether you are a first-time wearer or have worn hearing aids before, you would probably prefer that the hearing aid be as discreet as possible. Well, you’re not alone. Research says that the number one reason people don’t wear hearing aids is because of what they look like (MarkeTrak VII, 2007). If I had a dime for every time I heard, “I’m not vain, but…” when discussing what hearing aids look like with patients, I’d be rich. No one wants to advertise that they are wearing hearing aids. Starkey’s new AMP is a cosmetically appealing option that can be fit the same day you are in the office.

There are several popular “invisible” hearing aids on the market today. Although this instrument isn’t for everyone, the Starkey AMP fits deep enough inside most ear canals to be virtually invisible. A one-size-fits-most design with a choice of different sized pliable casings allows your Audiologist to adjust the instrument to different sizes of ear canals. Being able to go home with a pair of hearing aids programmed to your specific needs after your very first visit to the office reduces the hassle and time usually involved with fitting a pair of hearing aids.

So what does it cost? That’s the question most people are really interested in. While not inexpensive, the AMP hearing aids are priced far more inexpensively than other hearing aids, even within the same class of instrumentation. This provides first-time users a more affordable way to start wearing hearing aids. Even if you’re not a first time user, this new, innovative product could be just what you’ve been waiting for. Why not give it a try today? Call our office for a demonstration at no cost to you. You’ll be amazed at how small, how invisible and how affordable the Starkey Amp is.