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The Importance of Hearing Healthcare

February 15, 2016

Most of us don’t think twice about an annual checkup with the doctor. Seeing your doctor regularly is important for understanding your body, maintaining good health and increasing the possibility for a long, productive and happy life. Understanding your hearing is just as important and seeing a Doctor of Audiology (hearing specialist/ hearing healthcare provider/Audiologist) can be an important first step in helping to improve your overall quality of life.

Hearing loss often goes undetected for many years. In fact, it may be a spouse or loved-one that first brings the hearing loss to your attention before you recognize a deterioration in your ability to hear what others are saying. How often does it happen that you have to ask others to repeat? Does your spouse have to tell you the punch-line to nearly every joke? Do you notice that you are removing yourself from social situations because it has become too difficult to communicate? It may be time to take the first important steps to getting back to your old self. It may be time to find out what you’ve been missing.

Once a hearing loss is recognized, the first step is to have a hearing evaluation to determine the type and severity of the hearing loss. Working with your Doctor of Audiology, you can then determine the next best step. In some instances, hearing loss is caused by a condition that is medically treatable. In this case, your Doctor of Audiology will refer you to a medical doctor who specializes in diseases of the ear. In other instances, hearing aids are the best solution for the hearing loss. In some cases, the hearing loss may have gone undetected for so long that a secondary hearing loss occurs which affects the brain’s ability to make sense of words. Hearing aids, in this case, will only solve part of the problem. Auditory training will then be necessary in order to retrain the brain to listen effectively. Working with your Doctor of Audiology, you will be able to understand your hearing healthcare needs and find the appropriate solution for your hearing loss.

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