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Starkey Goes Wireless

March 14, 2016

Starkey is one of very few American hearing aid manufacturers. In addition, they have a long history of technology advancement. For instance, Starkey was the first company to have the small, completely- in-the-canal hearing aid. Now, they’re joining the wireless race with their new Wi series (pronounced “wy” as in wireless). The Wi series uses a new technology platform that allows for ear-to-ear communication between hearing aids, easy programming without wires at the audiologist’s office and seamless streaming of stereo audio signals.

One of the more interesting features of the Wi technology is its ability to take a snapshot, if you will, of the listener’s environment. The hearing aids then modify the directional microphone and digital noise reduction systems to manage the noise in the environment while keeping the sound processing similar between the two hearing aids. This synchronization creates a more realistic auditory environment for the listener.

The same technology that allows the hearing aids to exchange information one to the other also allows the audiologist to program the hearing aids without the use of cords or other programming devices. Having the freedom to move around during the fitting process simply allows for a more realistic experience while at the audiologist’s office. This can help to alleviate some of the frustration that stems from the fact that the sound is different at home than while sitting in a small office in front of an unfamiliar speaker. Being able to try the hearing aids in several environments during the programming process can help improve the sound when you leave the clinic.

The most exciting of the Wi features is its compatibility with the SurfLink Media device. The Surflink device is the first ever “set it and forget it” audio streaming accessory. Almost any form of audio device piggy-backs onto the Surflink. This includes TV, radio, MP3, stereo, iPod, iPad or computer CPU. The sound streams directly to the hearing aids when in range of the SurfLink. No other device is necessary for streaming. It is truly wireless and hassle-free.

The new Starkey Wi offers better sound quality, better noise reduction and easy wireless connectivity to its users. The Surflink accessory offers freedom to hear an audio signal without using other ear level accessories. Put them together and it means Starkey is able to offer better quality of life to those with hearing loss. Call today for your free demonstration.

The Future Of Digital Hearing: GNReSound Alera

February 29, 2016

Hearing aids have come a long way in just a short period of time. The improvements the hearing industry is seeing in hearing aids are primarily because of the advances in digital technology. Digital signal processing (DSP) became available in 1996. With this advancement, those with hearing loss received greater benefit in their everyday listening environments. Feedback was less of a problem. Hearing in noisy situations was much improved. The sound quality of hearing aids was suddenly much more clear and natural.

So what is the next technology advancement going to be?

Digital signal processing changed the way people hear. The future of digital hearing is digital wireless technology, which promises to revolutionize hearing aids as much if not more than DSP. Digital wireless technology will change how people connect to the world. Wireless technology is seemingly everywhere now days. From Bluetooth headsets for hands-free cell phone use to Bluetooth listening systems in our cars and even the wireless capabilities of our computer mouse, Bluetooth capable systems are becoming more readily available. Hearing aid manufacturers recognize that the tech-savvy consumer who happens to have hearing loss is looking to improve their quality of life by having access to wireless audio systems. Hearing aids with Bluetooth accessibility are already available. One hearing aid in particular has seen great success with consumers, The GNReSound Alera.

The GNReSound Alera uses a 2.4 GHz transmission technology to provide truly wireless connections to everyday audio devices such as TVs and phones. The combination of Resound Alera’s broad transmission range and the freedom it provides from body-worn steamers makes Resound Alera both convenient and easy-to-use. ReSound Alera offers a wealth of sophisticated features at three different price points and a choice of colors that can easily be changed for a discreet look. It is available in a range of models that are appropriate for almost any hearing loss. Call our office today for your free demonstration of the new digital wireless technology.