The Hearing Evaluation: The First Step Toward Better Hearing

March 7, 2016

When a hearing loss is first noticed, it can be a bit disconcerting: Why can’t I hear like I used to? Am I going deaf? Do I have a tumor? Will I have to wear hearing aids? What do I do next? Everyone feels some sort of disappointment and possibly even a feeling of loss when they realize that a hearing loss is affecting their ability to communicate the way they’d like to. You’re not alone! Research says that nearly 28 million Americans have hearing loss. New technology advancements are making great strides in the realm of hearing amplification. Hearing aids are smaller, more adjustable and better in background noise than ever before. And, hearing aids are improving the lives of people just like you every day.

So, what’s my first step?
Once you realize that you’re not hearing like you used to, a diagnostic hearing evaluation by an Audiologist is the best first step toward better hearing. With this evaluation, your Audiologist can determine what type of hearing loss you have, the severity of the hearing loss and the possible solutions. Several tests are necessary to determine the extent of the hearing loss and its effects on communication. All of the necessary tests will be conducted during a one hour appointment and you will leave the office with a greater understanding of how the hearing system works, how your hearing compares to someone with normal hearing and how and why your hearing loss affects your ability to communicate. If the hearing loss is medically fixable, you will then be referred to a medical doctor who specializes in diseases of the ear. If hearing aids are the best possible solution, your Audiologist will discuss the different options and the improvements you can expect with the advanced technology that is now available. It’s a good idea to bring your spouse or a friend or family member with you to this appointment.

If you suspect you have a hearing loss, call to make an appointment for a hearing evaluation today!