Lyric Hearing Aids Can Help You Stay Discreet

February 22, 2016

Everyone wants their hearing aids to be invisible. If I had a dime for every time I heard, “now, I’m not vain, but…”, I’d be rich! Even though new technology advancements have miniaturized hearing aids, the fact remains that they are visible. Even the smallest of the completely in the canal versions are noticeable in the ear. And, even though you may have come to grips with the fact that you must wear hearing aids, you probably would like to be as discreet about wearing them as possible. Well, now you can.

Lyric hearing aids, from InSound Medical, are a new extended-wear hearing aid. Unlike the everyday-wear hearing aids, which are placed in the ear each morning and removed each night, Lyric hearing aids are placed in the ear canal by an Audiologist or hearing specialist during a routine office visit. The Lyric will remain in the ear for up to 120 days. That’s right, no cleaning, no changing batteries, just better hearing…24/7.

Because the instrument can be worn continuously for up to 120 days, it is purchased on a subscription basis. When the instrument’s battery dies, the entire piece is replaced. This provides the advantage of uninterrupted sound and the benefit of always having the latest technology. If there are upgrades in the product, you will receive the upgrade at no additional cost. There are many advantages to this sort of technology and people who are wearing them report that the sound quality is unmatched. Call us today for your free 30-day trial and visit for more information.